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UR Productivity
If you’re in charge of a utilization review (UR) team, you face a number of challenges. You’re responsible for case counts and turnaround times, clearing up bottlenecks, picking up the slack for team members who are absent, assigning the right tasks to the right people, and countless other tasks. How can you better your UR productivity?

To succeed, you need a UR software solution that helps you balance your workload and more efficiently handle the challenges that come your way. What does such a software solution look like?

Easily find and manipulate data

The best UR software will give you easy access to your files and have an advanced search function that filters results according to a number of elements. This allows you to bring up the files and information you need when you need them, rather than sifting through irrelevant results.

You also need UR software that offers custom data manipulation, so you can quickly view reports without resorting to full database searches. Your UR software should be able to parse the database according to myriad variables, such as time frames, treatment outcomes, clients or departments, treatment types, and more.

Manage workflow

Your team likely deals with a large number of cases every day, so your UR software should allow you to easily re-assign tasks according to the workload of each team member. For example, if a specific type of case normally goes to the same team member, and that person has a full case load already, your software should help you easily divert the case to another team member.

Report and analyze data

A powerful UR software solution does more than just collect data – it should also aid you analyzing the data. Data should be readily exportable to other applications, such as Excel, and you should be able to “slice and dice” the data according to specific factors that are most important to your operation.

Ultimately, you need UR software that offers powerful reporting tools. It should help you efficiently put cases into the system and return required information to treating or referring physicians once decisions are made. It should track the time taken for each step of a case and show who is working each case at any given time. This helps you manage the efficiency and outcomes each team member contributes to the process.

A UR manager or supervisor cannot work efficiently without the right software – nor can the team members. To do your best work, be diligent in choosing the best software available for your specific needs.

Stacey Jefferson

Stacey Jefferson, Vice President of Client Solutions for UniMed Direct, is a strategic leader responsible for the company’s software accounts and implementations. Guiding the implementation of innovative technologies to support medical management processes, including utilization review, physician peer review and case management, Stacey is focused on continuous improvement, accuracy and compliance, and the usability of software and technology.