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Lisa Hannusch, CEO of UniMed Direct, and founder of UR Nation, is a visionary leader who has dedicated her career to advancing workers’ compensation medical management processes. Supported by her team of industry experts, Lisa is revolutionizing the utilization review process with expert consulting services, intuitive software technologies and a strategic focus on the future.

Lisa oversees many executive functions at UniMed Direct including licensing and regulations, information technology, human resources, sales, and product management. She leads by example, approaching complex issues with strategic thinking and creative vision. With her unwavering dedication to quality, compliance, and continuous improvement, UniMed Direct has become the leading utilization review partner to a national customer base that includes Fortune 100 companies.

Beginning her career as an EMT and manager of a state public health program, Lisa became one of the early reformers in Texas workers’ comp, developing many of the first rules and guidelines under the ‘New Law’. Having experience in virtually every aspect of the workers’ compensation medical management process, including fraud investigation participant, software and managed care vendor, insurance regulator and state agency rule and guideline author, Lisa has quickly become an authority on effectively managing utilization and medical claim issues.

In addition to her role at UniMed Direct, Lisa is an accomplished speaker who is regularly requested to deliver keynote presentations on health care delivery, billing and reimbursement and abuse, and systems process and development.

She also serves as an expert witness on health care billing and reimbursement and received national commendation from Louis Freeh, FBI Director, for her work.

These roles, experiences, and achievements have provided Lisa with deep expertise and a unique perspective on managed care services. Working on the cutting edge of technology, policy, and evidence-based medicine, Lisa and her team of industry thought leaders, physicians, and registered nurses are providing the tools, processes, strategy, and support to simplify and improve clients’ medical management processes.

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