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As Assistant Vice President of Regulatory Services and General Counsel, Tom Swiatek draws on his experience as an insurance attorney on both the general liability side, as well as on workers’ compensation matters.

Tom’s career started in 1997, first as a paralegal, then as an attorney with an insurance defense law firm in Los Angeles. He has worked in law firms representing both State Farm and Chubb Insurance, as well as having his own private law practice.

In his many years in private practice, he has litigated many types of insurance and breach-of-contract cases. He has litigated matters before state courts, federal courts, the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, and the California Court of Appeals. Tom is also a California Workers’ Compensation Section member.

Tom has served as a consultant to many small-business owners, including contractors, home inspection companies, apartment owners and managers, and scrap metal yards. As such he knows firsthand how the rising cost of workers’ compensation insurance affects a company’s bottom line.

Tom also witnessed the adoption of SB899 in California, which effectively continued SB228, making California a true UR state. In addition, Tom has closely watched California’s attempt to adopt workers’ compensation reforms, via SB863, that model programs in Texas, such as Independent Medical Review. While he is critical of many of the cost drivers in California’s workers’ compensation system, including the problems with liens and lien litigation, he believes Utilization Review is a true bright spot.

With his passion for regulatory issues, Tom is leading the discussion with respect to the regulatory challenges and opportunities facing the workers’ compensation system.

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