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Kats 2016 Christmas Holiday Message
Tis the holiday season … Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Best Wishes to you and yours!

Workers’ comp is not generally considered an ‘exciting” or ‘thrilling’ industry. This is probably fair because insurance in general is not something most people naturally find interesting. But workers’ comp is a benefit that ensures injured employees have access to medical care and income benefits during their healing process. Some may even consider it a “gift” employers offer their employees – Work hard, and if you’re injured, we’ll compensate you and provide medical benefits.

We’ve heard from many people accessing UR Nation that this site has been like a gift, with lots of regulatory information in one location, access to the various state links, access to thought leadership articles about workers’ comp, medical information, regulatory information, security information and much more.

We are delighted that so many people have found our site and accessed the information. We hope you will share our website with your colleagues and clients. The site is based on a “community” of all participants in the workers’ comp system, and we appreciate all of the accolades we have received. We are also open to suggestions for articles that you would like to see included in the website. Please send us any suggestions to info@urnation.org.

As we get busy this holiday season, remember the gifts that we receive throughout the year as they relate to our industry. We’re fortunate to have numerous conferences with great content on a variety of workers’ comp topics (WCRI, RIMS, FL WCI360 Workers’ Comp, CA CWC Conference, National Workers’ Comp and Disability Conference, and an array of local and regional conferences).

We also have organizations that provide an avenue for growth and mentorship. One such organization that we are particularly excited about is Alliance of Women in Workers’ Comp (AWWC). If you are not familiar with this organization, please check out http://www.allianceofwomen.org/ AWWC offers access to blogs, websites and newsletters for updates within our industry.

May this time of the year allow you to slow down, enjoy the gifts that are surrounding you, and to spend time to renew friendships – both personally and professionally.

Happy Holidays to you!

Karen Atkins

Karen Atkins, Chief Operating Officer with UniMed Direct, is leading the conversation, and the industry, on how to make the utilization review process more efficient for all stakeholders: physicians, insurance companies and, most importantly, patients.