Ode to Software Return on Investment

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Software Poem Graphic by Stacey

Just for fun, Stacey Jefferson, Vice President of Client Solutions, shares her wit and wisdom with a little free verse about software and return on investment. We hope you enjoy it!

And of course, if your company is in need of best in class workers’ comp medical management software, Stacey is the person to answer your UR software questions.

Tom Swiatek, Editor in Chief

Ode to Software ROI

The software has to meet my needs

With no errors to be seen

Be up twenty-four seven

And keep me in the green

Robust, reliable, configurable

And dazzling to the eye

It must solve my toughest problems

With a positive ROI

The software cannot miss a trick

Each enhancement yields more time

To accomplish additional widgets

With its features so sublime

Reports that clearly illustrate

That it’s paid for itself ten-fold

If only it gave me a foot rub too

Or heated my coffee once it’s cold

The software should intuit

With its breadth so feature-rich

What I need for it to do next

Without one single bug or glitch

Save us time and dollars

Let us do much more with less

Reduce our cost for services

While also shrinking stress

The software must be mighty

Built by super heroes indeed

So here’s another work request

Please deliver what I need!

So thank you software team of teams

Although I must confess

While I need you and I want you

I sure wish you cost less!

Stacey Jefferson

Stacey Jefferson, Vice President of Client Solutions for UniMed Direct, is a strategic leader responsible for the company’s software accounts and implementations. Guiding the implementation of innovative technologies to support medical management processes, including utilization review, physician peer review and case management, Stacey is focused on continuous improvement, accuracy and compliance, and the usability of software and technology.