Our Thanksgiving Message: When it Comes to Customer Service “Take it Personally”

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Thanksgiving Graphic from RS

At this time of year when we reflect on the blessings that we enjoy and experience, we want to say Thank You to our readers and UR Nation members by recognizing personalized customer service.

We are all consumers of products and services, and we have all experienced service with a personal touch. We don’t forget that kind of service or where we received it.

Personal service is about making the customer feel like they are doing business with a human who cares instead of a company. We are always proud when we visit a client and see how they embrace us as a partner and as human beings – not as a vendor. We truly approach our clients as partners rather than clients.

When thinking about customer service from a business perspective, we usually don’t expect a personal aspect. Instead, we think of service as strictly business. At UR Nation and UniMed Direct, we do believe it is personal. We want to know what is important in our clients/members lives that they would like to share with us. That helps us provide a more personal touch, which builds stronger and more productive relationships. For UR Nation readers it’s about providing the information needed in an easy, concise manner and making your job easier by serving as your resource. To that end, know we are happy to partner with you and are thankful for your involvement in the workers’ comp industry.

All of us at Unimed Direct® care about our business partners as people, and we strive to show it in our interactions. A reputation as a caring partner can also help win new business because existing clients are more likely to provide positive feedback.

We often hear the expression “Don’t take it personally.” But when it comes to delivering excellent service, we do make it personal and have found that our clients appreciate it, making the task at hand a more enjoyable for everyone. In fact, our advice to anyone in the service industry would be to “take it personally.” Your customers, clients, and vendors will thank you.

During this special time of year, we want to say THANK YOU for joining us to learn and grow and for entrusting us to provide expert advice and opinions about topics that impact all of our operations and injured employees. May you have a wonderful holiday and safe travels!

Stacey Jefferson

Stacey Jefferson, Vice President of Client Solutions for UniMed Direct, is a strategic leader responsible for the company’s software accounts and implementations. Guiding the implementation of innovative technologies to support medical management processes, including utilization review, physician peer review and case management, Stacey is focused on continuous improvement, accuracy and compliance, and the usability of software and technology.