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Kats Article on RIMS 2017
It’s time for the 2017 RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition (RIMS)! The conference will be held in the City of Brotherly Love – Philadelphia – and is geared towards risk management professionals, with a wide variety of topics on offer. The agenda includes hot relevant topics, such as cyber security, mergers and acquisitions, workplace violence, technology, analytics, culture and so much more. There surely will be something interesting and valuable to each participant.

The theme of this year’s conference this year is Disruption. As we all know, there are disruptions that cause lost work, lost profits, lost business opportunities, etc. – and then there are distractions. Many ideas may begin as a disruption and end up only being a distraction. Often, legislation falls into this category – a bill is submitted and gets the industry stirred up only to die out in session (turning into a distraction).

It’s important to be able to identify a disruption versus a distraction early in the process and react accordingly. For example, late last year the Dept. of Labor issued a report and appeared to be ready to bring about significant changes to the workers’ comp system. But then Donald Trump won the election, and all of that is probably off the table for the foreseeable future. So what looked like a disruption turned into a distraction.

Other items of disruption actually create opportunities to look at our risk categories differently, and to stimulate new ideas and opportunities. Tesla is a perfect example of this… what are the risks associated with automated driving? Do they differ greatly from our current over-the-road truck driver risks? If you are interested in learning more, plan on attending the session related to this topic on Tuesday afternoon at 2:45 p.m.

What other factors do we need to consider when thinking about driverless vehicles as we move into the future? Some of you may remember the TV show The Jetsons? (I loved that show!) Will we have air-mobiles in the not-so-distant future? The risks associated with air-mobiles will be very different than the concerns that we have today with automobiles – or will they?

Cyber security is an entirely different kind of risk. Is it real or perceived? Is it a disruption or distraction? More and more, businesses are required to maintain cyber security insurance. And based on the frequency of cyber attacks, it is assured to be a hot topic at the conference. It’s important to understand the concern, the reality, the policy coverages, etc. Be sure to attend one of the sessions on this topic (Monday afternoon or Wednesday morning) for more details.

Of course, another reason to attend is to make personal connections. Like most conferences, RIMS is a great place to connect with multiple vendors in one location and reduce travel related expenses. It’s a great opportunity to meet industry experts and make new acquaintances either in your same field of interest or a different one. There will be events in the Exhibit Hall during lunch and toward the end of each day – I hope you’ll stop by our booth (UniMed Direct, Booth 1809) and take a minute to meet our staff. As industry experts, we would love to hear your thoughts about the topics, sessions attended, etc.

In closing, there are so many topics related to the risk industry and just a few short days at RIMS Conference to soak it all up. We look forward to seeing you there and wish you a great RIMS experience!

Karen Atkins

Karen Atkins, Chief Operating Officer with UniMed Direct, is leading the conversation, and the industry, on how to make the utilization review process more efficient for all stakeholders: physicians, insurance companies and, most importantly, patients.