Will Medical Marijuana Ever Be Part of Utilization Review?

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For some time now, medical marijuana use has been a hot topic in the workers’ compensation arena. Many fine articles, including discussions about recent case law from states like Colorado, have covered various aspects of this issue. However, few articles have delved into the details, about why smoking marijuana is unlikely to become an FDA-approved treatment, and subsequently, a treatment that would be approved in utilization review.


This white paper provides the reader with a brief history of marijuana in the United States, discusses the state of the drug today, and sets forth many of the obstacles to marijuana ever becoming an FDA-approved treatment.

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Tom Swiatek

As Assistant Vice President of Regulatory Services and General Counsel, Tom Swiatek draws on his experience as an insurance attorney on both the general liability side, as well as on workers’ compensation matters. As a Workers’ Compensation Section Member, Tom is leading the discussion with respect to the regulatory challenges and opportunities facing the workers’ compensation system.

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